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At Hazelly, we saw the need for pet products that go beyond the ordinary. Founded in 2021, our family-owned business prioritizes homemade goods made with the healthiest ingredients and unique designs crafted stitch by stitch. Because your pets deserve extraordinary care.


"My dog is VERY picky and never eats anything we give her. Having her like all of Hazelly’s treats is rare and exciting and I couldn’t say enough good things about both the treats and the kindness of the team that’s making/selling them.

I 100% would recommend it!"

David J.

"Hazelly's material is of the highest quality, and the design is outstanding. Yet, the price is very reasonable. I've tried several other onesies before, but most of the time, I had too much trouble putting clothes on him. This one's just different. Every time I take him for a walk outside, people love his outfit and take pictures."

Haylee G.

Bella has food allergies, so we are very careful about what we give her. She can't have anything but natural ingredients, no glycerin or byproducts or anything like that. Hazelly's treats are basically the only treats that we give her, and she loves them. We freeze the bags and take them out when we're ready to use them. Bella actually likes the peanut butter treats frozen!
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